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Coordinate a Paint Party with your business colleagues! Great way to build team morale and connection through Painting and fun!  Learning visual concepts such as composition, texture and color theory are explored. Students are introduced to a variety of artists’ works that can be motivational.

Have a SWAG event in the luxury of your home with friends and family! Explore your hiddent talents in painting with one of our extroidinary artist! No painting experience necessary with step by step instructions. Enjoy creating your masterpiece that you can hang on your wall of home, give as gift, or add to your keepsakes. Enjoy art, music, food, and fun!  An experience you won't forget.  

Schedule a Wine & Paint at one of our locations in the Metropolitan area. Our home is Southeast but we would be happy to reserve or service any creative space in the Metropolitan area.

Enjoy SWAG Art and nature! Setting up an art event outdoor is fun and exhuberating!. Students are introduced to artists’ works that are motivational and fun, while enjoying the beautiful seasons of Spring, Summer or Fall!!

Bringing the local community and artists together at art workshop for kids, youth, and adults. Youth and adults have fun painting,  mixed media, and craft workshops around various seasonal and holiday themes . 

Students will create drawing and painting concepts in a Sip n Paint setting.  Creating, relaxing and having fun painting a special theme of choice. Students learn to use line, value, gesture, and perspective, and develop the ability to "see" as artists while enjoying a creative and sensational experience.

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