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Biography of our Program Founder


Founder and Executive Program Director, Lisa G Clarke, known as Mona Lee in the art world, began SWAG Works DC October 2012 with a strong vision in providing art education and art entertainment to the Southeast Washington Community and beyond. A wife and mother of 3 beautiful and talented sons. An art filled family from photography to music writing & production to visual arts. My art journey began when accepted at Duke Ellington School of the Arts for Visual Arts.  And much later in life received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management at Catholic University of America.  SWAG Works DC (Southeast Washington Art Group) was founded on a vision, love, and passion for art. Providing art education to youth and adults, creating a place all art lovers can further their art experiences and express themselves through all art mediums. SWAG Works support local artist throughout the DMV area, as well throughout the US.

As a corporate Program Coordinator and Artist, Lisa formed SWAG Works DC to promote and contract phenomenal artist in supplying art instruction to students in schools, senior wellness centers, business team building workshops and hostesses for paint events with a love for creating. SWAG Works DC attends art shows, exhibits, artist talks, art forums and more, surrounded by those with keen interest in the visual arts.

SWAG Works DC has a goal is to continue to service the community by building a dynamic art center that will create a platform for all to experience regular art classes in all forms. A place that provides art therapy for all ages in the community. A place professional art instructors and students can create and share their story, journey and passions. An art space that will continue to hold art education, exhibits and events for all creatives.

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