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​Welcome to Southeast Washington Arts Group. SWAG Works DC is embedded into the Washington DC wards providing Arts education and culture. The program has been accepted into the elderly community and schools rather quickly as each area saw the need for it in their respective curriculums. Other segments of the community are now asking for SWAG to partner with them in various ways. With this expansion, SWAG is partnering with more highly qualified artists in and outside of DC. The goal has always been to provide this offering to educational entities across the country which creates the need for additional funding for dedicated educational space, additional art supplies and materials, and to attract more highly qualified artist to provide this unique instruction.

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Since we've opened our doors to the DC metro area the community has responded with open arms. We are so grateful to the community for allowing us to strive within your neighborhoods and centers. Your donation will allow us to continue to provide the absolute best in arts educations and wellness for your children, young adults, and seniors who benefit from this program.


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